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  1. How to setup MainIPTV on Iplay TV (Apple tv4) 1. Download Iplay TV from the app store and start the app. 2. Choose the +(add playlist) 3. On name you make a choice of yourself. 4. On URL you put the link from MainIPTV, with the app Apple remote you can copy/paste from your Iphone/Ipad and how to use it you find out here: https://www.imore.com/how-use-remote-app-apple-tv 5. On EPG you paste , 6. Save your playlist, it can take up to 5-10 minutes to download so be patient. 7. Enjoy :D
  2. Thnx Admin.. you are the best.. Do you have also something to change Mag mac number from Old mag to New mag ?😄
  3. hi guys please help me 1.I have downloaded GSE Smart IPTV PRO, and i realise that the Boomerang channel keeps changing its audio sound to Dutch. I change it back to English, and it doesnt work. What can i do? 2.The sound/audio is behind (in some channels) 3.Why is is important for me to set up the EPG time or whatever it was called? And how do i do that? 4.And how can you add subtitles? I'd love to have subtitles.
  4. Is there a way to add my favourite channels to the list. Text button is not working and i dont have the fav button 🙂
  5. Hi all. Very new to all this but looking to get set up in a few weeks when I move into my new flat.
  6. using the normal .sh script to list all channels in my vu+. as you said there is no EPG which can be annoying so I started to use Echannelizer which is the best solution to add missing EPG info for me right now. Just download the program, start your 14 day free trial, click on EPG and upload it all to your box - after that your IPTV channels on your VU+ will show EPG.
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