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  1. Ask a geek how to fix a problem you’ve having with your Windows computer and they’ll likely ask “Have you tried rebooting it?” This seems like a flippant response, but rebooting a computer can actually solve many problems. So what’s going on here? Why does resetting a device or restarting a program fix so many problems? And why don’t geeks try to identify and fix problems rather than use the blunt hammer of “reset it”? This Isn’t Just About Windows Bear in mind that this soltion isn’t just limited to Windows computers, but applies to all types of computing devices. You’ll find th
  2. If you keep running out of memory on your Mac, it’s easy to determine which application or process is eating it up in Activity Monitor. This utility is included with every copy of macOS. Here’s how to check, and some things you can do to fix this issue. To get started, open Activity Monitor. You can do this by pressing Command+period (.) or by clicking the Search icon in the menu bar. Type “Activity Monitor” in the search box, and then press Enter. Click the “Memory” tab in “Activity Monitor.” You’ll see a list of processes (programs, applications, system functions, an
  3. Not all emails are worth reading. Some you can block, some you can’t. Instead of seeing the unread count go up and up, use this trick to quickly mark emails as read without opening them in Gmail. How to Mark Emails as Read in Gmail on the Web If you’re using the Gmail website on your Windows or Mac machine, you can mark all or individual emails as read. To mark a single email as read, hover over the email from your inbox and then select the “Envelope” button. The email will now appear faded, and your unread email count will decrease. To mark multiple emails as read
  4. sandsun/Shutterstock If you take your pumpkin carving seriously, there’s a good chance you want to make sure your masterpiece-in-gourd lasts as long as possible. Here’s how to do that. When you work with a pumpkin as your canvas, you don’t have the benefit of inert material or time on your side. From the moment you pluck the ole pumpkin off the vine at the pumpkin patch, your orange friend is on his way to the great compost pile. But with a little creativity (and mostly extra work) you can make your Halloween masterpiece last as long as possible. Let’s take a look at all the ways
  5. welcome to the mainiptv forum
  6. Chavo

    M3U Editor

    Do you sell it? If so, how much? 🙂
  7. welcome to mainiptv forum 😉
  8. yeah I heard that a lot that I should avoid siptv. But I love the epg that comes with it. Do you know a similar (easy to use) software, that comes with a good epg? I dont like the look and use of smarters or other similar apps. They are pretty ugly and have translation issues. They are pretty buggy and hard to use. I need a lightweight app.
  9. can I get Smart IPTV working on xiaomi box? Edit: nevermind. Found it. My problem is: I need a box that has no codec issues and can run netflix etc. in 4K with Dolby Atmos. I had several bad experiences with no name android boxes. Is there something you can recommend wit these features?
  10. welcome to mainIPTV Forum
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