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  1. hi welcome to your forum
  2. welcome to MainIPTV Forum
  3. welcome to the Mainiptv forum
  4. welcome to the MainIPTV Forum
  5. hi, welcome to the MainIPTV Forum
  6. In the past, Kodi was called XBMC and some of the Kodi codes come from XBMC2008. Plex a part of Kodi which is more user-friendly but is not an open source app. Plex provider has managed strict controls over their products and therefore it is not possible to install Pirated material on Plex. How to use Kodi? One of the attractive features of Plex is that users can set up a main server such as your PC or laptop, and share the contents on various devices like Smart Phones, Tablets, Smart TVs and other streaming devices like Roku, Firestick and so forth. However, difficult and troubleso
  7. With the help of Kodi, IPTV users can stream thousands of live TV channels on their Android set-up box, Smartphones, gaming consoles such as Xbox One, Personal Computers, and enigma based devices such as Raspberry Pi. KODI users can utilize an invaluable app called XBMC Remote which virtually simulates a comprehensive remote control device and can be used easily on smartphones, tablets, and iPads. Kore, Official Remote for Kodi Currently, there is an official app designed exclusively for Kodi, and it's called Kore. Here are the main features: – Command your media cen
  8. As time passes TVs are becoming smarter and this will prevent the owner of the old TVs from smart features and applications; however, there exist numerous streaming media players that can be connected to the old TV and turn them into the smart one. Some of these devices include Apple TV, Roku Premier, Amazon FireTV, Nvidia Shield TV, Google Chromecast, and so forth. Setup boxes The only solution for turning an old TV into a smart one is by using a setup box. Utilizing a setup box on an old TV will bring you more features and options other than IPTV channels. Android setup b
  9. Roku is a Media Streaming Box by which users can easily stream and watch movie, music, TV series on their TV screens. Kodi is not officially supported on Roku as it is a native C/C++ application which Roku does not currently support. Therefore, an official Kodi app for Roku does not exist, for now, however, there is one way to have Kodi on your Roku. How to watch IPTV on Roku? You can cast Kodi on Roku and experience all your desired movies, music and TV shows on the largest screen in your house. Before going forward, make sure your Roku and Android device are on the same Wi-F
  10. With the help of this application, you can enjoy all your multimedia content on a single device in a single application. rIPTV brings streaming and on-demand television to your iOS device. Intuitive and easy to use. What is Internet streaming? rIPTV add electronic program guide to all your channels and let you find what you’re watching at the moment. It also let you find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, and display rating and information of all your movies. What is video on demand? Where to download? You can download this amazing application from iTunes via URL bel
  11. welcome to them mainiptv forum 🖐️
  12. welcome to the mainiptv forum
  13. Formuler Z8 The Formuler Z8 is an Android TV Box that caters to IPTV subscribers through their MyTV Online 2 application. This device is currently running Android 7 and not Android TV. Yes, there is a big difference and you can read about this on our Android TV Box Resource Guide. I often refer to devices such as this as “generic Android TV Boxes” due to the fact that they aren’t running Android TV. The biggest problem with these generic devices is that Netflix and Amazon Prime won’t play in HD quality. But, if you don’t use those services, the Formuler Z8 could be the po
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