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Found 11 results

  1. How to setup MainIPTV on Iplay TV (Apple tv4) 1. Download Iplay TV from the app store and start the app. 2. Choose the +(add playlist) 3. On name you make a choice of yourself. 4. On URL you put the link from MainIPTV, with the app Apple remote you can copy/paste from your Iphone/Ipad and how to use it you find out here: https://www.imore.com/how-use-remote-app-apple-tv 5. On EPG you paste , 6. Save your playlist, it can take up to 5-10 minutes to download so be patient. 7. Enjoy :D
  2. This Thread is for channels complains only How to report a channel problem correctly ? Simple Before making any reports please make sure you try on a second device ( phone, computer, smart tv etc.. ) Channel Name + resolution ( If available ) + country tag - issue Example: Boomerang UK - down National Geographic HD DE - looping from X to X sec ProSieben DE - wrong channel Calle 13 FHD ES - wrong resolution FDF ES - No sound VH1 ES - No picture Nicktoons RO - sound out of sync Buffering channels can also be reported, just make sure
  3. How to configure Set IPTV on Samsung and LG TVs 1. Go to https://cms.manage-setiptv.com/set.app and register an account. On Group members choose Particular. 2. Login to your account and choose Upload playlist. 3. Enter your Macadress (you see it in the Set IPTV app) and your External playlist URL. 4. Press send and it will be saved. Now its ready. Its an app that is very similar to Mytvonline on Formuler boxes, great app. Enjoy 🙂
  4. 1. Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas had to be re-cut after people angrily stormed out of a test screening. Warner Bros. The problem? It was way too violent. In this version, for example, the infamous opening scene showed Joe Pesci's character stabbing the man in the trunk ten times instead of the four seen in the final version. Scorsese told Entertainment Weekly this was a lesson in what an audience can toler
  5. Here are MainIPTVs custom images. Please be aware that these are "custom" images. They are provided to enable MainIPTV customers to circumvent the block placed by Infomir on Mags which have the latest updates. Once correctly installed you will be able to view content from MainIPTV. You will not be able to edit portals. Appearance of interface will be different from what you are used to, but will work. I strongly suggest that before you install custom image, that you add two extra portals - these do not need to work or need to be used and can just be copies of existing ones. You will the
  6. Hello, As there are clients getting error on mag device, here is the guide to DOWNGRADE MAG250/MAG 254. 1) On USB - drive, the file system FAT32, copy the file below on the root If your STB MAG-200/250 several USB connectors then use to update the rear connector. 2) On a USB drive should the directory MAG250 that contain two files imageupdate and bootstrap 3) Enter The BIOS > How to enter the BIOS setup (bootloader menu) MAG-250? a) Power off STB MAG200/250. b) Press and hold the «menu» on the remote (or the power button on the front panel). c) Without releasing the
  7. STB Emulator IPTV Tweak What is buffering? you probably have the image freezing while you watch the IPTV, The reason is simple: the image pauses while waiting for the following images to be loaded in the memory of your box, the reading will resume when enough video is pre-loaded. This buffering can come from several reasons : your internet connection which is bad. This is rarely the case nowadays, especially if you are well connected in Ethernet. your STB Emu that does not handle the cache of your box. This is the case that we will adjust in this tutorial. Open STB Emula
  8. Digital video is a combination of sequence of digital images, and they are made up of pixels or picture elements. Each pixel has two values, which are luminance and chrominance. Luminance is representing intensity of the pixel; chrominance represents the colour of the pixel. Three bytes would be used to represent the colour of the high quality image for a true colour technique. A sequence of images is creating the digital video, in that case, images are called as frames. Movies use 24 frames per second; however, the rate of the frames can change according to territories' electrical system
  9. Hello all, In this tutorial we are going to show you how to install MainIPTV into Openbox V8S. PS: RAM is something that IPTV relies on as IPTV players buffer the video first and then plays it. Openbox v8s has moderate ram and CPU, therefore after switching channels, or sometimes without any reasons, Openbox may crash. 1- Please follow these tasks: Connect the USB containing the tv_channels....m3u file downloaded from your m3u link. Open Menu Move right all the way to “Multimedia” From the list choose “WebTV” 2- If there are channels already on th
  10. Download Free Themify Bizco WordPress Theme Premium Nulled Bizco is a professional theme targeted at business and product based websites. This theme is great for showcasing features of your service or product to your readers. With the custom page template you can change the display of your pages and posts easily with our visual custom panel. Bizco is one of our most feature rich themes. It expands on our Themify framework with new custom field options, integrated shortcodes and a whole lot more (read more). Features Responsive design (view demo) Threaded comments and cu
  11. Download Free Themify Agency WordPress Theme Premium Nulled Agency theme is clean, minimal, and responsive WordPress theme meant for design agencies. Agency is a corporate theme that allows design agencies to easily showcase their design portfolio, display their products and service offerings, provide social proof through customer testimonials, and display the hard working people on their team. Fully customizable using the Themify shortcode convention, allowing complete freedom in how the website behaves and displays itself across any and all devices. Right-to-Left (RTL) Language
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