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  1. Now Your IPTV Users Can Watch TV on Browsers Custom IPTV Smarters Web TV Player Available with New Updates & Advanced Features FREE TRIAL Demo Link: https://www.whmcssmarters.com/web-tv-for-iptv/
  2. Smarter & Sharper Addition to IPTV Business IPTV Smarters is an Windows Application based Xtream Codes that provides your esteemed customers the facility to watch Live TV, Movies, Series on their Windows Platform ( 32 and 64 bit ). Custom Version - It includes Logo Changing, App Name and URL. Free Trial Please go through the given "demo link" to try the free demo before buying. DEMO LINK: https://bit.ly/2PohSIj
  3. Hello, If you are looking to purchase an IPTV Subscription you can use Portal and this thread to submit a request and a wait for an offer to be presented in your Private Messages section. Meanwhile the bet way for purchase an IPTV Subscription is useing Portal.mainiptv.com While requesting an IPTV Subscription, you must enter the following details inside you request. The duration for the Subscription: The type of device you want use the Subscription on: The country that you are located in: *Please avoid entering your Email address or MAC address inside your request. *
  4. Hello, This thread is dedicated to those who want to examine the quality of the service by requesting a Trial Subscription. you can for request start in this forum and go to portal from down link , portal.mainiptv.com While submitting a request in this Topic, please include the following information inside your Trial request. The type of device you want to use the Trial on: The country that you are located in: *Please avoid entering your Email address or MAC address inside your request here. *Please note, not following the format demonstrated above, will get you
  5. Smarter & Sharper Addition to your IPTV Business - Get Customized Version NEW IPTV Smarters Pro is an Windows/MAC OS X Application based Xtream API that provides your esteemed customers the facility to watch Live TV, Movies, Series on their Windows/MAC OS X Platform Free Trial DEMO LINK: https://bit.ly/37PLtkf
  6. Looking to have your own iptv server. I will create you one from A to Z price is: 100 euros iptv panel main server set up load balancers provide you with the best helpful websites and more
  7. RESTREAM OFFER FOR RESELLERS No time wasters We are providing Cheap IPTV Restreams, We have 7000+ FHD, HD and SD Restreams. Quality is guaranteed First test our stream if you are satisfied then buy. You Can Buy IPTV Restreams at cheap prices. +7000 IPTV Channels Weekly Updates All devices supported 99.9% Uptime 24/7 Support Payment Method PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill For more info, test line, channels, pricing, PM me please.
  8. the best and most stable and so well prices I strongly suggest to try iptvfarm.net
  9. Automated IPTV Billing Modules Features: Create: It will create the subscription ( Streamline and MAG Device ) automatically in the IPTV Panel (Xtream Codes) automatically as soon as the order is placed in the Billing Panel by the customer. Suspend: It will disable the subscription ( Streamline and MAG Device) automatically when the user has not paid the invoice on time and it's overdue. Unsuspend: it will re-enable the subscription ( Streamline and MAG Device) automatically when the user pays the invoice after the suspension. Terminate: it will delete the subscriptio
  10. IPTV Smarters Pro is an Android App for IPTV Business that allows the user to watch Live, Movies and Series from their phones and Boxes as well. Supports Android phones, Android Boxes, Android FireSticks ( Amazone Fire Stick), Nvidia Shields or other devices that support Android platform. Its resolution is to build for both Phone Screens and TV Screens as well. download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nst.iptvsmarterstvbox&hl=en_US&gl=US INFO Link: https://www.whmcssmarters.com/android-app-for-xtream-codes-iptv-smarters/
  11. We are selling stable and High quality full channels. We concentrate on stability,quality and value for money. Our IPTV Restream solution is perfect for you; if you're a server owner, need a site or need streams for an application. Our streams are best quality and great uptime of the channels We are offering the great prices as 3£ per channel and more discounts buying more streams. Our streams average up-time is around 10hrs. We have very BIG servers as our clients are most sports lovers & need them the pro service. INCLUDES: - 24/7 Support - SKY UK SPOR
  12. REBRANDING & CUSTOMIZED IPTV SMARTERS WEB TV PLAYER - SMART ADDITION TO IPTV BUSINESS Check this url: https://bit.ly/3bl7esW to test demo or find all details. If you need any help or more INFO ..feel free to contact or drop message here. I will Help you.
  13. We are offering you stable Streams of more than 50 County such as: USA - UNITED KINGDOM - CANADA - FRANCE - SPAIN - PORTUGAL - GERMANY - ITALY HOLLAND - BELGIUM - CROATIA - TURKEY - POLAND - Albanian - CZECH - AUSTRIA NORWAY - SWEDEN - DENMARK - FINLAND ... 🛑 ALL AR+OSN+MYHD - EX-YU - AFRICA - DSTV - ASTRO With great service & support you can ever get Message us for a free test & more infos
  14. New Layout Built-in Player Improved Subtitle & dual Audio Supported Streaming codecs, h265 codecs supported Download link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/iptv-smarters/id1383614816 Information link: https://bit.ly/3u3a8eM Simulator-Screen-Shot-iPhone-6-Plus-2018-06-07-at-15.21.26.png.crdownload
  15. Launched New Add on for IPTV & VPN Billing Panels: https://bit.ly/39jrA4V Addon: Client Area Customization of Billing Panel as Frontend Website
  17. NEW Version is out IPTV Smarters Pro Windows/MAC OS X Application based Xtream API Smarters provides its Rebranding for Xtream codes owners and resellers. This is the URL: https://bit.ly/3ab9yDM Here you can find the demo or find all the answers to all your queries.
  18. Smarters offers Xtream codes based Rebranding IPTV Apps for different platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and Smart TV App along with the Billing Modules for Xtream codes owners and resellers. This is the URL: https://bit.ly/3rIEMIo Here you can find the demo or find all the answers to your queries. They Are the developer of "IPTV Smarters Pro"
  19. LOCAL UK + USA LOCAL UK, USA + DIRECT UK, USA FHD,HD Streams available. We are selling stable and High quality full channels. We concentrate on stability,quality and value for money. PM me for free test line, pricing connections and more info. No Time Wasters…Serious Buyers Only. Thank you
  20. How to setup IPTV on Smart TV via Smart IPTV App(SIPTV)? IPTV is a service that delivers television channels through the logical Internet protocol (IP) instead of traditional methods such as satellite and cable televisions. With the help of this application, no matter what brand of Smart TV you are using this app works on all Smart TVs such as LG, Samsung, and Sony. You can play your OTT and IPTV streams on your Smart TV. Currently, SIPTV (Smart IPTV App) is the most used application for streaming IPTV channels on Smart TV with frequent updates and a user-friendly interface. All you n
  21. Advanced full-featured IPTV/Media player With nice semi-transparent OSD and the ability to control playing in fullscreen Multilanguage support English, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian Playlists formats supported: M3U, XSPF EPG formats supported: XMTLV, JTV udpxy (UDP-TO-HTTP proxy) support Watching, scanning, playlist generating Scalable OSD Video and OSD menus renders correctly with any window size and resolution Advanced channels list management Program keeps all channels list settings that will not get lost after playlists update Work
  22. How to setup IPTV on Perfect player Android? How to setup IPTV on Perfect player Android? Perfect Player is an Android application that simulates a set-top box that can be used for streaming IPTV channels on your favorite devices such as tablets, smartphones, and Smart TV. Please note, this application doesn't include any IPTV channels. In order to add IPTV channels, you must add your own m3u playlists inside the settings section. What is M3U list? Perfect Player is available on Android, iOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. You can download this app via the link below: h
  23. Minimum required bandwidth for streaming IPTV : Generally, this depends on the coding format of streaming. While there exist various coding formats which assure the best image quality along with high level of compression such as H264, other formats would compress the streaming at a lower rate. Accordingly, different formats demand a different minimum amount of bandwidth. Roughly, the minimum bandwidth which is needed for streaming is 25 Mbps for SD channels and 30 Mbit for HD ones. Average required bandwidth 25 Megabits per second - Recommended for SD quality. 30 Megabits per
  24. In this tutorial, we will show you how to setup IPTV on Android using the Lazy IPTV player. This application enables you to view TV technology-based IPTV. This application does not contain built-in playlists, and is only a client, allowing it convenient and comfortable to watch TV online. Please use playlists in the format m3u with options or xspf. You can download this app via the link below: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lazycatsoftware.iptv&hl=en_US Features of Lazy IPTV m3u-playlist support (in open-view or v zip/gz), features to add
  25. The TVIP Box console meets all modern requirements a multimedia device, including the support of streaming media, video on demand (VOD), playback of digital channels in high quality, as well as access to the OTT content (youtube, Picasa, online entertainment, weather forecast, social networking, and others) and even includes a Web browser. What is internet streaming? TVIP is very similar to the MAG boxes and somehow emulates the MAG box embedded software. What is MAG? http://mainiptv.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/9891-tvip-box.jpg Features of TVIP Box Under the operation
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