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Found 12 results

  1. Khamosh Pathak There’s more to an Apple Watch face than meets the eye, especially when it comes to visually stunning watch faces, like Typography. Here’s how to change the color and style by customizing the look of the watch faces on your Apple Watch. Every watch face has a different set of customization parameters. Most allow you to change the color of the dial, complications, or background. Some, like California and Typography, even allow you to change the symbols and style of the watch face and transform it into something downright gorgeous. If you’re in the mood for s
  2. quangmooo/Shutterstock.com If you have an Apple Watch, then you might want to shake things up by changing your watch face once in a while. One problem with this is that you are often left with a long list of faces that you’ll never use. Fortunately, you can just as easily remove them. How to Delete a Watch Face on Apple Watch Removing a Watch face from your Apple Watch is just as easy as adding a new one. To do this, make sure your Apple Watch is unlocked and that the watch face is on the screen (as below, with no windows or other apps open). Touch and hold the watch
  3. The Apple Watch can now track and measure your cardio fitness. It can also send you a notification every few months letting you know if your cardio fitness is low for your demographic. While you have to enable the notifications, if you did so by mistake or just want to turn them off, here’s how. How to Turn off the Notifications the Easy Way Confusingly, while you set up Low Cardio Fitness notifications in the Health app, that isn’t where you turn them off. Instead, to disable the alerts, open the “Watch” app on your iPhone and go to “Heart.” Toggle “Cardio Fitness Notifications”
  4. Khamosh Pathak Love using Shortcuts automation on your iPhone? The Shortcuts app on the Apple Watch lets you trigger shortcuts directly from the wrist. And as the shortcuts run on the Watch itself, there’s no need to touch your iPhone. Apple Watch users who are running watchOS 7 and higher can access the Shortcuts app on their wearable. This works seamlessly with the Shortcuts app on the iPhone. This app automatically categorizes shortcuts that can work on the Apple Watch and makes it available on your wrist. This means you won’t need to create separate shortcuts just for your
  5. Siri can be useful but, if you have an Apple Watch, the virtual assistant can accidentally pop up all the time—especially when you’re working out. Here’s how to stop Siri from appearing on your watch. Related : How to Disable Blood Oxygen Monitoring on Apple Watch Why Your Apple Watch Activates Siri On the Apple Watch, by default you can activate Siri in three ways: Press and hold down the Digital Crown. Tap the screen, or turn your wrist to wake your Apple Watch and then say, “Hey Siri.” Raise your watch to near your mouth and just start speaking (with an App
  6. IPTV is a flexible service which can be watched on a variety of devices. One the simplest way is to watch IPTV on personal computers or laptops. There are many free software and apps which can be used to play IPTV on your Microsoft Windows, Linux or Macintosh-based OS such as VLC and KODI media players. VLC on PC and Mac PC users can choose from several free options including Windows Media Player, QuickTime, Winamp, and VLC Media Player. First, download and install the VLC media player. After opening the VLC, at the very top of the program, click on "Media" and select "Ope
  7. Khamosh Pathak A new Apple Watch comes preloaded with a couple of watch faces. There’s also a huge collection of additional watch faces, ranging from stylish to downright fun. Here’s how to add a new watch face on Apple Watch. Apple Watch users who are using Series 4 or newer and are running watchOS 7 or higher have access to a lot of different watch faces, all of which can be customized with different styles, colors, and complications. Love complications? Add the Infograph watch face, with support for eight different complications. All about the style? Try the beautiful Californi
  8. Khamosh Pathak The Apple Watch Series 6 and newer come with blood oxygen monitoring. It even records blood oxygen levels in the background. Do you not use the feature and want to save battery life? Here’s how to disable blood oxygen monitoring on your Apple Watch. How to Disable Blood Oxygen Monitoring on Apple Watch You can disable the blood oxygen monitoring from the “Settings” app on your Apple Watch. Ensure that you’re viewing your Apple Watch’s watch face and press the Digital Crown. From the app gallery, open the “Settings” app. Here, scroll down, and choose the
  9. KANUT PHOTO/Shutterstock.com The Apple Watch helps you stay in shape with goals for active energy, stand hours, and exercise minutes. You can change each of these individually to better reflect your activity levels. Here’s how. How to Change Your Move, Stand, and Exercise Goals To change your Apple Watch activity goals, first launch the “Activity” app on your watch. You can do this either by tapping on the Activity ring complication on your current Watch face or by pressing the Digital Crown and locating the Activity app in the main menu. With the app open, you should
  10. quangmooo/Shutterstock The Apple Watch can do a lot more than just tell time, track your activity, or show you notifications from your phone. With complications, it can display almost any information you want, or provide quick access to your favorite features. We’ll show you how to make the most of them. First, note that while you can customize the watch face and add complications directly on your watch, it’s much easier to configure things via the Watch app on your iPhone. Choosing the Right Watch Faces Each watch face has a limit of how many complications it can display a
  11. quangmooo/Shutterstock.com The Apple Watch allows you to customize clock faces to show all kinds of useful information. But did you know you can take those custom designs straight off someone’s wrist? Here’s how to install someone else’s Apple Watch face. What is a .watchface File? Custom Apple Watch faces can be shared using a .watchface file. This file contains a template with information like which base clock face you’re using, your choice of colors, and which complications have been used across the design. It’s important to stress that the .watchface files generat
  12. AFM Visuals/Shutterstock Netflix has quite a few original romance movies and TV series. Whether you’re looking for romantic comedies or serious emotional dramas, these are our top picks. The Lovebirds The Lovebirds follows a couple on the brink of a breakup, who caught up in a murder mystery. The only goal of the night is to clear their names while also salvaging their relationship. Chased by strangers who want to kill them, they have to work together to stay alive. Alex Strangelove As the last hurrah of his senior year, Alex Truelove plans to lose his virginity
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