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Found 11 results

  1. Every week I'm looking forward to my favorite show. Pretty much exactly when this show starts the audio is set off by more than a minute, so that video runs behind audio and you can't watch the show anymore. This is freaking me out. Support doesn't even make the effort to answer my tickets anymore. I think I will start searching for a more reliable provider.
  2. We are offering you stable Streams of more than 50 County such as: USA - UNITED KINGDOM - CANADA - FRANCE - SPAIN - PORTUGAL - GERMANY - ITALY HOLLAND - BELGIUM - CROATIA - TURKEY - POLAND - Albanian - CZECH - AUSTRIA NORWAY - SWEDEN - DENMARK - FINLAND ... 🛑 ALL AR+OSN+MYHD - EX-YU - AFRICA - DSTV - ASTRO With great service & support you can ever get Message us for a free test & more infos
  3. New Layout Built-in Player Improved Subtitle & dual Audio Supported Streaming codecs, h265 codecs supported Download link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/iptv-smarters/id1383614816 Information link: https://bit.ly/3u3a8eM Simulator-Screen-Shot-iPhone-6-Plus-2018-06-07-at-15.21.26.png.crdownload
  4. Yalcin Sonat/Shutterstock If you’re looking to add an extra layer of security to your Signal app, you can lock your messages behind your smartphone’s lock screen security features. Here’s how to add a screen lock to Signal. By turning on the Screen Lock feature on your iPhone or iPad, your messages will be hidden until they’re unlocked using Face ID, Touch ID, or your lock screen passcode. The same goes for Android. You’ll either need to authenticate yourself using a supported biometric security feature such as your fingerprint or a traditional password or PIN. RELATED: How to
  5. The Chromecast with Google TV blends the concepts of Chromecast dongles and Android TV devices. That means they have both “Ambient Mode” and screen savers. We’ll show you how to use both, which requires some digging. In order to merge Chromecast and Android TV, Google shifted a lot of stuff around. However, Google TV is built on Android TV, so all of the Android TV settings are still present. One example of this is the screen saver. RELATED: How to Stop Your iPhone Screen from Turning Off The Chromecast with Google TV’s screen saver is called “Ambient Mode,” and it ties into the
  6. Girts Ragelis/Shutterstock.com Apple’s ARM Macs include a machine translation solution named Rosetta 2. This lets those Macs run existing software designed for Intel Macs. But it’s not perfect. Here’s how to check whether your software is compatible before buying an Apple Silicon Mac. We recommend checking out the “Is Apple silicon ready?” website. This website, created by programmer Abdullah Diaa, provides a searchable directory that brings together compatibility information from all over the web. Head to the website, search for an application, and look at the available inform
  7. If you use Microsoft Edge and want to erase your browsing history, you normally have to dig through menus to do it. But guess what? You can also clear your Edge browser history using a keyboard shortcut, and it’s a fast way to do it. Here’s how. First, open Edge. Depending on which platform you’re using, press the following keyboard shortcut combination: Windows: Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete. Mac: Press Command+Shift+Backspace. (Note that, on a Mac, the backspace key is called “Delete.”) After pressing the shortcut, a “Settings” tab will open, and you’ll see a “Clear browsi
  8. kamiw

    Riding with Sugar

    Released 2020 Plot Riding with Sugar is a movie starring Charles Mnene, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, and Simona Brown. A coming-of-age, feel-good story about a young refugees quest for BMX glory and the pursuit of identity, safety, happiness and love. Actors Charles Mnene, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Simona Brown, Hlayani Junior Mabasa, Paballo Koza, Brendon Daniels, Shelley Nicole IMDB link https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9248888/
  9. evka119/Shutterstock Apple One bundles all the company’s services into one monthly payment, but is it a good deal? Let’s take a look! You can likely save some cash by creating your own bundle and avoiding Apple’s less popular services. What’s in Apple One? Apple One includes services like iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and (if you’re in the Premier tier), Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+. The Individual and Family plans are $14.95 and $19.95 per month, respectively, while the Premier Plan will set you back $29.95. In terms of value, the Individual Plan saves yo
  10. Apple Apple announced an “Apple One” subscription bundling its paid services like iCloud storage, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, and Apple Fitness+ into a single payment. There are three plan tiers you can choose from. But is Apple One worth it? Individual, Family, and Premier Plans Apple There are three tiers of Apple One plan. Each tier includes everything in the bottom tier and more. They start at $14.95 per month for an individual plan and go up to $29.95 per month. It will come with a free 30-day trial of each service you don’t already have.
  11. Justin Duino How to Remap Buttons on the Chromecast with Google TV Remote: Your Chromecast with Google TV remote comes with two shortcut buttons. The first opens the YouTube app of your choice, and the second launches Netflix. If you want to change either shortcut’s action, you can remap the button on the Chromecast with Google TV remote. Remap the YouTube Button The YouTube button on the Chromecast with Google TV remote can be remapped to open any YouTube app quickly. The button supports the standard YouTube app, YouTube TV, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Music. To get started, pr
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